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Family home of Valkering

Camper place at Koningshof in Egmond

Weg naar de Bleek 5
1934 PG  Egmond aan den Hoef (Rinnegom)
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-(0)6 37 46 56 56 (Clickable)

Koningshof is an RV park/Camper Place.

Our new camper place has been realised in 2024. In a really beautiful location in Egmond: the campsite borders on the North Holland Dune Reserve on one side and on the other side meadow with a farmyard. You can cycle to the beach in just 7 minutes.

Reservations can be made with us up to 5 days in advance.

Available amenities/facilities:

For the time being, the sanitary facilities are basic. In the event of a busy occupation: if you have those facilities yourself, we kindly ask you to make use of them. Then we give priority to the small motorhomes that do not have that on board and therefore also have a smaller space in proportion.
  • Dirty water discharge;
  • Chemical toilet discharge;
  • 4 Water tap points;
  • 3 Toilets and 1 urinal;
  • 4 Showers;
  • 44 power points present.

Rates per night until 1 July 2024:

  • (Arrival between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm in daylight. Please sign up first before you place your camper!)
  • Camper up to 6,9 m. length €17,00 for 2 persons;
  • Arrival between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm;
  • Power €5,00;
  • Tourist tax €2,20 per person from 4 years;
  • Extra person (4 years and older) €4,00;
  • Dog €2,00. Dog line required.

Rates per night from 1 July 2024:

  • (Arrival between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm in daylight. Please sign up first before you place your camper!)
  • Camper up to 6,5 m. length €19,00 for 2 persons;
  • Power €5,00;
  • Tourist tax €2,20 per person from 4 years;
  • Extra person (4 years and older) €4,00;
  • Dog €2,00. Dog line required.
  • Arrival between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm in daylight. Please sign up first before you place your camper!;
  • Identification required upon arrival;
  • The most important rule: take someone else into account! You are staying at a nature reserve and this is a quiet area. We would like to keep our license and ask you politely not to make any noise and to adjust the volume of equipment;
  • On the grounds from gate to place and back only step foot drive;
  • Digging holes and trenches not allowed;
  • If you want to barbecue, do not disturb your neighbours and do so in a safe place, with a bucket of water at hand;
  • Waste and food residues directly in the waste bins. Make sure that food remains do not attract pests;
  • Your dog's excrement should be cleaned up and deposited in the dirt storage area;
  • Restrict yourself to the designated campsite, do not go in the meadow or in the bushes. The latter can even be dangerous because of the blackberry bushes and the obstacles that exist;
  • In principle, we assume that you will not receive a visit to our motorhome pitch, because we are not prepared for that. If there is a short visit, report it and let the visitor use your own facilities in the camper;
  • Departure no later than 11:00 or in consultation. In consultation if possible longer parking, but without further use of facilities.

Vuurtoren Egmond aan den Hoef belongs to the municipality of Bergen. The municipality of Bergen consists of Egmond aan Zee, Egmond a/d Hoef, Egmond Binnen, Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Schoorl and Groet. On the south, west and north side of the municipality of Bergen you will find the North Holland Dune Reserve. In the dunes, you can go on hours of cycling and dune walks both to the south and north.

Egmond has a rich history. In Egmond-Binnen you can visit the old abbey and for example in Egmond aan den Hoef you can visit the ruins of the castle of the Count of Egmond. Egmond aan Zee has its characteristic fishing houses and lighthouse.

Egmond aan Zee has a small, but very cozy shopping street: the Voorstraat. In the season there is an atmospheric braderie on Wednesdays.

The campsite is 10 km. away from Alkmaar. The city centre of Alkmaar is regarded as one of the best and coziest shopping cities in the Netherlands. On Fridays (April to August), Alkmaar holds the world-famous Alkmaar Cheese Market. It is nice in Alkmaar to make a tour through the canals, yourself (rent) or with a tour boat with guide.

To the quiet beach

Cycle west on Weg naar de Bleek (from the gate to the left)
500 m
Turn left onto Van Oldenborghweg (you need a dune map that you can buy there)
1,9 km
Turn right into Middenweg
1,6 km
Three hills over and you come to a bicycle storage. Another sea garden about walking and you are standing on the beach!

Nieuw Westert

By the way, turn left instead of right on Middenweg and you will come to Nieuw Westert. A restaurant for a good bite and a drink and where you can dine in a nice ambience. Reservations recommended.

Johanna's Hof and Bezoekerscentrum De Hoep

If you continue on Van Oldenborgweg, you will eventually arrive at Zeeweg in the direction of the beach of Castricum aan Zee. If you cross over and cycle a little to the left, you will come to Johanna's Hof, a restaurant with, among other things, the tastiest pancakes. Cycle a little further and you will arrive at Bezoekerscentrum (Visitors Centre) De Hoep.

To the beach of Egmond aan Zee

Turn left out of the gate and cycle along Weg naar de Bleek to the next road, Van Oldenborghweg. At the Y-junction go straight ahead. (You will then see a parking lot with stairs to a beautiful viewpoint, where you can explore the area). At the first road where you can turn left by bike, Bloedweg on bicycles (slope). Bloedweg takes you straight ahead in Egmond aan Zee and straight ahead on Zeeweg you will soon reach the beach.

To Bergen aan Zee cycling/Sea Aquarium

Cycle west on Weg naar de Bleek
500 m
Continue onto LF1/Van Oldenborghweg
1,0 km
Turn right onto Egmonderstraatweg/LF1
130 m
Turn left onto Delverspad/LF1
280 m
Slight right to stay on Delverspad/LF1
Continue on LF1
700 m
Turn left onto Herenweg/LF1
2,0 km
Turn left onto LF1/Woudweg at no. 95, Gasterij 't Woud
3,8 km
Turn left onto LF1/Parkweg
Continue on LF1
550 m
Turn left onto LF1/Parkweg
Go straight over one roundabout
550 m
Turn left onto LF1/Van der Wijckplein
6 m
Slight bend to the left
A beach exit is also nearby.


The surroundings with the high dunes in the background.


Commemorative tablet with falcon